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Centre of Advanced Chemical Technologies in Usti region

Evidence No.: CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/17_049/0008397
Project Type: Grant / Subsidy
Project Start Year: 2018
Project End Year: 2022
Grant Provider: Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy ČR
Grant Recipient: Univerzita Jana Evangelisty Purkyně, Ústí nad Labem
Project Partners: Unipetrol výzkumně vzdělávací centrum, a.s.
UniCRE Project Leader: Alena Rodová
Project Description:

The aim of the project "Centre of Advanced Chemical Technologies in Usti Region" (CACTU) is to complete an open research infrastructure at the joint workplaces of Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem (UJEP), Unipetrol Centre for Research and Education, a.s. (UniCRE) and Unipetrol RPA, s.r.o., which will guarantee the long-term intersectoral collaboration of research organizations with industrial partners, focusing on research of chemical processes of regional raw materials into so-called green chemicals.
The CACTU project will bring a unique interconnection of two large research infrastructures: CATPRO (Efficient Use of Energy Resources Using Catalytic Processes), focused on the efficient use of carbon-based energy sources using catalytic processes and NanoEnviCz (Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies for Environment Protection and Sustainable Future) ) focused on the study of nanomaterials for environmental protection. The interconnection of these research infrastructures will support the innovation and implementation of activities of major business entities in the Ústí-Chomutov agglomeration in key industrial sectors of the region, which are carbon energy, chemistry and silicates.

The project Centre of Advanced Chemical Technologies in Usti Region is co-financed by the European Union.

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