Research Projects

resene projekty pruhledne

On the following pages you can find these three basic types of projects:

  • Small contract is a project that has not a research character because it consists of carrying out analyzes. Contract or order is usually concluded for a one year period or shorter. In the overview of the projects, you will not find this type of project practically.
  • The research project is a commercial project that is paid by commercial entity (contractor) and the project results are usually not accesible for public. In the project overview you can find this kind of project only in the case the project conctractor agreed with publication of the project.
  • Project with the public support is project, which is largely funded from public budgets and the results of this project are available for public. In the overview of projects you can find especially this type of project. This group of projects can be divided into:
    • grant projects (usually funded from grant agencies of Czech Republic GAČR, TAČR)
    • international projects (funded from foreign funds, ie. RFCS, Horizon 2000)
    • internal projects (funded from own sources)
    • infrastructural projects (funded from institutional support which is provided by MEYS or MIT).