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Production and aplication of a special active carbon for big-scale enviromental aplications

Evidence No.: FR-TI2/203
Project Type: Grant / Subsidy
Project Start Year: 2010
Project End Year: 2013
Grant Provider: Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu ČR
Grant Recipient: Dekonta a.s.
Project Partners: Unipetrol výzkumně vzdělávací centrum, a.s., Unipetrol RPA, s.r.o.
UniCRE Project Leader: Walter Poslední
Project Description:

Project is focused on the application of the Carbon Black (CHEZACARB) as a sorbent in the environmental technologies. The project will be aimed on the Carbon Black treatment such as additivation, modification and molding. Modified Carbon Black will be used as a new material (sorbent) for environmental pollutant disposal (dioxines, polyaromatics, PCBs etc.). Besides sorbent modifications new technologies will be developed and optimized including appropriate equipment proposal. The safe exhausted sorbent disposal will be solved as well.