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Analysis of the structure/activity relationship of Mg/Al, Ca/Al and Zn/Al mixed oxides in aldol condensation and transesterification reactions

Evidence No.: P106/15-21817S
Project Type: Grant / Subsidy
Project Start Year: 2015
Project End Year: 2017
Grant Provider: Grantová agentura ČR
Grant Recipient: Univerzita Pardubice
Project Partners: Unipetrol výzkumně vzdělávací centrum, a.s.
UniCRE Project Leader: Oleg Kikhtyanin
Project Description:

The main aim of the project is the fundamental research of the relationship among

  1. the preparation of the selected Mg/Al, Ca/Al and Zn/Al mixed oxide catalysts,
  2. their basicity / structure and
  3. the activity/stability of the catalysts in the model reactions, i.e. aldol condensation and transestrification.

The results will contribute to the prediction of catalytic performance of mixed oxides and their advanced synthesis. To achieve this, the following partial objectives of the project are set:

  1. the analysis of amount and distribution of basic sites,
  2. the detailed characterization of the structure, basicity and composition of the catalysts,
  3. the determination of the activity/stability of the synthesized catalysts,
  4. the determination of the relationship between the catalyst  structure/basicity/composition and its activity,
  5. the determination of the catalyst stability and deactivation, and
  6. the determination of the relationship between the catalyst structure/composition and its stability.