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Development of the UniCRE centre

Evidence No.: LO1606
Project Type: Grant / Subsidy
Project Start Year: 2016
Project End Year: 2020
Grant Provider: Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy ČR
Grant Recipient: Unipetrol výzkumně vzdělávací centrum, a.s.
UniCRE Project Leader: Jaromír Lederer
Project Description:

The key objective of the proUniCRE project is to support the sustainability of the UniCRE Centre by further developing its main research priorities and strengthening its position within the European research area. The priority focus of UniCRE is the sustainability of energy sector and of material resources aiming paricularly at competitive knowledge-based economy, sustainability of energetics and material resources and environment for quality life.

These priorities will be met thaks to research orientation on

  • catalytic transformations of organic compounds (hydrocarbons as well as biomass-derived oxygenates) to increase ultimately the efficiency of production of value-added chemicals and fuels,
  • synthesis of novel or improved inorganic materials and their application in catalysis, adsorption as well as other areas, and
  • advanced characterization of organic feedstocks, products and inorganic materials (catalysts and adsorbents).

The research activities cover the research topics from their fundamental and applied research as well as experimental development and the related implementation of innovation in the industry point of view, thus facilitating efficient knowledge transfer.

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