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Martyna Monika Murat

Employee Profile

Martyna MuratName of employee:

Martyna Monika Murat

Summary Institutes/universities attend and attending:

    • Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Bioinformatics
    • Wroclaw University of Technology, Bioinformatics

Your current job/employment/research:

    • Junior Researcher at UniCRE
      My scientific interests oscillate around the topic of green energy. Feedstocks which I am using during my research come from biowastes processing. My aim is to obtain substances which could serve as precursors for biofuels.

Research carried out at UniCRE:

    • Conversion of Bioethanol into Ethylene using Vanadium supported catalysts
    • Hydroisomerization of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil
    • Catalytic Hydrocracking of heavy residues of petroleum mixed with other liquid waste bio resources such as used cooking oil or animal fat

Valuable skills and experience gained from working with UniCRE:

    • Planning and conducting an experiment
    • Refining processes
    • Analytical techniques
    • Laboratory skills
    • Data analysis
    • Working on project
    • Teamwork
    • Czech language