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Héctor de Paz Carmona, PhD.

Employee Profile

Héctor de Paz CarmonaName of employee:

Héctor de Paz Carmona, PhD.

Summary Institutes/universities attend and attending:

    • University of La Laguna (ULL), Canary Islands, Spain.
    • 2017 - PhD Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
      Summa cum Laude, International Mention.
    • 2015 - B.Sc. In Industrial Chemical Engineering.
    • 2013 - M. Sc. In Chemical Engineering Research.
    • 2011 - B. Sc. In Chemical Engineering.

Your current job/employment/research:

    • Junior Researcher at UniCRE
      My topics are Biofuels, Heterogeneous catalysis, Hydrotreating, Industrial processes.

Research carried out at UniCRE:

    • Wood-oil fractionation and characterization.
    • Hydrotreating of triglycerides feedstocks from rendering plant/processing of data from test run in refinery.

Valuable skills and experience gained from working with UniCRE:

    • Teamwork
    • Planning and organizing
    • Critical thinking
    • Initiative
    • Problem solving