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Jakub Frątczak

Employee Profile

Jakub FratczakName of employee:

Jakub Frątczak

Summary Institutes/universities attend and attending:

    • Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences at major Bioinformatics – bachelor degree
    • Wroclaw University of Science and Technology at major Biotechnology – engineer and master degree

Your current job/employment/research:

I am working as a junior researcher at the UniCRE research institute and I am involved in international projects. funded by the Research Found for Coal and Steel and Horizon 2020 programme.

Research carried out at UniCRE:

The main aim of my projects is the obtaining of quality fuels/useful chemicals from coal, Fischer-Tropsch waxes and wastes. I am conducting my research in the fields of coal liquefaction, hydrocracking, hydroisomeration and other processes based in the upgrading of the products obtained by these processes.

I am collaborating with Dr. Jose Hidalgo on the project DIRPRIMCOAL. This project is being carried out by different institutes (from United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic and Greece). The topic of the project is to develop new methods for obtaining quality fuels from the direct coal liquefaction. For this purpose, we use high pressure autoclaves in which we carry out the reactions.

The second project is COMSYN. In this case, the aim is producing useful fuels and chemicals by the hydroprocessing of heavy FT-waxes which are the main by-products in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. In general we are trying to produce more green energy here.

Valuable skills and experience gained from working with UniCRE:

At the beginning almost everything was new for me, so I needed to develop myself in the field of refinery processes. In UniCRE, I learned how to use autoclaves and how to work with high pressures. Day by day I am improving my laboratory skills and of course my international work experience is growing as well. Additionally, working at UniCRE is giving me a great opportunity to learn Czech.