Graduates in UniCRE

Pavel Živný

Pavel ŽivnýWhy did you choose the study of chemistry and which school did you study?

That's because I consider it to be the most interesting natural science – for its wide range it can help us to discover how the world works. Studying at UCT Prague is practically free of unnecessary and boring subjects which it is not so common at many other universities. I love science in general, its history, and the life stories of various scientists who often proved to create revolutionary theories and combine seemingly unrelated matters often with the only help of mere guess and minimal equipment (or even only paper in case of mathematics). It is very motivating, even though I doubt I could ever contribute with some significant invention :-). On the other hand, there are plenty of advanced technologies that need to be upgraded or that can replace some older and less efficient processes.

What made you work in UniCRE?

UniCRE has attracted me with the opportunity to participate in interesting research. Our research activities have the impact on improving the environment through more efficient use of available raw materials, eliminating waste and creating more valuable products. Employees' benefits and the presence of a number of professionals were also enticing.

What is the scope of your work here?

My work in Analytical Chemistry Laboratory is focused on chromatography. In addition to preparing and weighing the samples, I work on the LSC, which can be used to determine the composition of the sample according to the elution force, and on SIMDIS, i.e. simulated distillation of petroleum fractions.