Graduates in UniCRE

Nikola Bringlerová

Nikola BringlerovaWhy did you choose the study of chemistry and which school did you study?

Chemistry has attracted me since elementary school, so studying at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague was only a further logical step.

What made you work in UniCRE?

In frame of my studying I wanted to gain experience and expertise. Research Centre UniCRE offered this option and it impressed me by a variety of research activities - from analytical methods to petrochemical and refinery processes that enabled the transfer of my current knowledge into practice.

What is the scope of your work here?

The extent of my activity is very diverse, but most of the time I spend in refinery labs, where I gain a lot of valuable knowledge in the field of evaluation of motor fuels and fuel oils. My work cannot be even done even without carrying out some administrative tasks (preparation of results, corrections of research reports ...). Currently I am on the position of Research and Development Worker - Junior.