Graduates in UniCRE

Lenka Soukupová

Lenka SoukupováWhy did you choose the study of chemistry and which school did you study?

I have enjoyed chemistry since my childhood. The turning point was probably the demonstration of brine electrolysis at elementary school, which literally captivated me. And when we first visited the chemical labs at grammar school, it was decided about my future studies. After finishing the grammar school I decided to study at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, specialization Chemistry and Chemical Technology.

What made you work in UniCRE?

In frame of the study at the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague we were obliged to undergo several laboratory exercises. One of them was focused on the oil and fuel and it took place directly in UniCRE. Many modern devices were used during these laboratory exercises. The innovative thinking and modern attitude of the company impressed me very much.

What is the scope of your work here?

I work as a research and development worker, dealing with cooperation on grant and institutional projects. At first I study the issue from the available sources and then I plan and work on particular laboratory tests that are related to the solved topic. In the end I evaluate the results of these tests and I work out research reports.