Graduates in UniCRE

Lucie Šindelářová

Lucie ŠindelářováWhy did you choose the study of chemistry and which school did you study?

I studied at the University of Chemical Technology Prague, specialization Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Environment. I have enjoyed chemistry since the grammar school (especially laboratory works) and therefore the study of chemistry was a clear choice for me.

What made you work in UniCRE?

Within the UniCRE I measured data for my diploma thesis „Determination of low sulphur content in hydrocarbon fractions by the methods of destructive and non-destructive analysis“, and then I was offered a job here.

What is the scope of your work here?

I work here as a researcher in analytical chemistry, and I am responsible for several gas chromatographs, at which I perform both routine analysis of samples as well as the development of new methods.