We published two books!

Our colleagues from Ustí nad Labem, Petr Koutník, Petr Antoš, Petr Ryšánek, Jiří Čmelík, Pavlína Hájková and Barbora Antošová and their co-workers from UJEP, wrote two books:

Dekorační kameny Čech, Moravy a Slezska


Vápence a písky Čech, Moravy a Slezska

These books:

  • describe the quarries where are decorative stones, high-percentage limestone and quartz sands mined,
  • state their chemical composition and physical properties,
  • include a brief description of the history of their use in construction, methods of their extraction and processing, and the scope of development of their mining in the Czech Republic as well as other related information.

The books from Petr Koutnik and col.The books are the result of the project Mineral resources for the restoration of cultural heritage, which was supported by the Ministry of Culture under the program of applied research and development of national and cultural identity (NAKI). The aim of the project was to identify, map and characterize domestic raw material sources of key raw materials applicable for the recovery of cultural heritage, especially immovable monuments.