Graduates in UniCRE

Eva Scholze

Eva ScholzeWhy did you choose the study of chemistry and which school did you study?

I studied at Education Centre of University of Chemistry and Technology in Most. I was glad to study close to home and I presumed I could easily find a job.

What made you work in UniCRE?

When the Education Centre moved to the Chempark Záluží, we got the opportunity to work as research assistants at UniCRE. I recognized the chance to gain experience and earn some money. After several months I decided to work full-time because it's only a few meters to school and I'm quite good at studying. It will help me to save money for my own house.

What is the scope of your work here?

As a research assistant I helped with routine analyses in laboratories of analytical chemistry. Now I'm starting to work alone. I'm learning to determine the bromine index and I will to operate a device for the determination of sulphides, cyanides, thiocyanates and ammonium cations soon. Gradually, I should be able to perform all the analyses made at both analytical laboratories in our building.