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Josef Šimek
Josef Šimek
Director of Department
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After completion of the building of the centre UniCRE, research section basically continues with research acitivites of former program RENTECH. This section is focused on basic and applied research in the area of alternative, respectively renewable carbonaceous raw materials for production of final chemicals or intermediates that are further processed by standard organic technologies. 

However, organic technologies that are based on renewable raw materials, for example lignocellulosic biomass, plant fats or animal fats, require new technological solutions, in particular the use of new types of catalysts and catalyst systems. This is because classical raw materials based on oil or natural gas have a completely different character compared with the materials coming from renewable sources, which typically have the macromolecular structure with a high oxygen content. The aim of the section is to study the processes for transformation of lignocellulosic structure to smaller usable molecules, deoxygenation reactions and new processes of synthesis based on natural feedstocks. 

In this area, the challenge is to design and test new types of heterogeneous catalysts and sorbents as well as to optimize processes of their usage.

In the area of catalysis, we are especially dealing with:  

  1. synthesis of catalysts,
  2. forming of catalysts for their applications in real reactors,
  3. testing of catalysts and development of processes.