Laboratory of Biomass Chemistry

Jaroslav Kocík
Jaroslav Kocík
Head of Laboratory

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The Laboratory focuses on catalytic transformation of renewable raw materials into high value added chemicals and components for motor fuels production. The legislative and social pressure to limit the use of fossil sources of chemicals and energy is the motivation to study and develop these catalytic processes. That´s why the second and third generation biofuels that meet the environmental and technical requirements are being developed.

The research itself is focused on the overall study of raw materials processing from source to final products. The renewables are characterized by low quality due to the presence of impurities and low energy content compared to petroleum-based fuels. This usually excludes them to be used directly as components of motor fuels or raw materials for the petrochemical industry. Therefore, a great attention is paid to chemical and mechanical pre-removal of especially inorganic impurities and reduction of chemically bound oxygen.

Research activities can be divided into the following areas:

  • Development of catalysts for efficient transformation of renewables into petrochemicals and fuels and testing of these catalysts.
  • Identification of requirements for reactor configurations and individual catalyst stages for the industrial-scale implementation of the process.

Processes of biomass transformation into fuels are studied both from the point of view of integration in the process of the already operating refinery or petrochemical plant and from the point of view of the design of new production facilities. The research concept takes into account the goal of applying research results in industrial practice, so the oil refineries and petrochemical plants can be considered as potential users.