Laboratory of Advanced Materials

Petr Koutník
Head of Laboratory
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Using new advanced materials is one of the ways to achieve significant qualitative progress or to improve efficiency in almost any industry. An example of advanced material whose introduction into industrial production in the mid-nineteenth century had a societal impact may be cement - an adhesive material, without which nobody can imagine economically viable construction today. In the twentieth century, a similar effect was launched by production of a wide range of polymeric materials or advances in semiconductor research, without which you would not read this text.

Laboratory of advanced materials is primarily focused on research of materials which are potentially usable for other research activities of UniCRE.

Research in this laboratory focuses on the catalysts, inorganic materials resistant to high temperatures and organic solvents or plasma modified materials.

In all these areas, the research includes examining the impact of preparation procedures for production of these materials on their properties, optimization of their manufacturing technology and manners of their usage.


Variable Density Extruder Caleva
IKA heavy-duty PLANETRON® HKV 1 kneading machine
Modular System for Particle Size Reduction and Homogenization IKA magic LAB
Tablet Press Machine Phar Service ML-204
Materials Testing Device Micro-Epsilon UMZ-3k
Laboratory muffle furnaces LMH 11/12