Laboratory of Advanced Analysis

Romana Velvarská
Romana Velvarská
Head of Laboratory

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Laboratory of advanced analysis deals with the issues from the area of refining, petrochemicals and biomass. It is a supportive workplace for all the fields of research in UniCRE. There are developed new analytical methods for problematic samples (raw materials, intermediates and products) that are not able to be analyzed by simple instrumental techniques sufficiently. For example, from the results of these analyzes it may be evaluated the suitability of so far used process for the preparation or manufacturing.

This laboratory focuses on thermal, spectral and separation methods. Thermal methods are represented by thermogravimetry that enables to determine the weight loss of the sample at the chosen temperature program (the maximum temperature is 1200 °C), thermomechanical analysis (study of the mechanical properties of samples), and differential scanning calorimetry (monitoring of the heat flow during melting, crystallization, oxidation induction time). 

The laboratory is also equipped with dispersive Raman microscope with four different lasers and infrared spectrometry in medium part of infrared spectra (FTIR), and infrared spectrometry in the part near to visible light (NIR). 

The available separation techniques are a multidimensional gas chromatography with mass spectrometry that served for the development of specific methods for the determination of catalyst poisons in propylene at the concentration level from units to tens of ppb (patent obtained).


Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC Q2000
Multidimenzional Gas Chromatograph with Mass Detector Shimadzu GC-2010 Plus
Raman Spectrometer and Microscope DXR
Spectrometer FT-IR/NIR Thermo Scientific Nicolet 6700
Termogravimetric Analyzer TA Discovery TGA
Termomechanical Analyzer TA Q400