Calls for Projects

Publication date: 9.2. 2018

Unipetrol výzkumně vzdělávací centrum, a.s., the hosting institution of the CATPRO research infrastructure, is launching a call for submitting proposals with a view of awarding an open access to the CATPRO for the research teams and scientists that is enabled by the targeted support for financing of large infrastructures by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic in the frame of the project.

1. Available infrastructure

The call 2020 is opened for utilization of the CATPRO infrastructure that is divided according the related activities as follows:

  • Catalyst synthesis and preparation
  • Catalyst forming/shaping
  • Catalyst testing and process development
  • Detailed products identification

2. Eligible applicants

Eligible applicants for gaining an open access to the CATPRO infrastructure are individual scientists and researchers, including students (MSc and PhD), and research teams of either academic or commercial sector that will provide a project proposal for utilization of CATPRO research infrastructure for the purpose of performing independent research. Eligible applicants will in accordance with the Framework for State aid for research, development and innovation (2014/C 198/01) enable open access to data acquired through CATPRO research infrastructure CATPRO and thus achieving the main goal of CATPRO.

3. Application procedure

Any applicant for the open access to the CATPRO research infrastructure is asked to fill in the application form to provide information about and motivation to the expected use of the RI. In addition to the application form, the hosting institution requires CV of the main applicant and a recommendation letter by the supervisor, in the case the applicant is a student. The completed application form and all accompanying documentation shall be sent electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further evaluation. Please state CATPRO-OPEN ACCESS application in a subject line.

4. Timeframe of the call

The call is opened for utilization of CATPRO within the OPEN ACCESS in 2020; any activities within the open access mode should be completed before 31st  December 2020. The call is opened until 30th October 2020, or as long as the free capacity for the OPEN ACCESS of RI is available. This is a rolling call; all applications will be evaluated immediately upon their submission.

5. Evaluation of the proposals

Project proposals shall be evaluated by the independent evaluation commission set up by the hosting institution. All proposals will be evaluated with respect to the technical feasibility and scientific and technological quality. Decision of the evaluation commission will be announced in six weeks after the submission of the proposal at latest.

6. Funding

OPEN ACCESS to CATPRO covers all expenses connected to the standard operation of equipment and experimental units (including personal expenses for operators in 24/7 regime, commodities and defined consumables). However, the users of CATPRO within OPEN ACCESS are obliged to cover all their travel costs and subsistence costs, as well as the costs of the non-defined consumables (e.g. feedstock or precursors in case they are not provided by the users themselves). Any additional costs will be clarified before the conclusion of a cooperation agreement on use of CATPRO in OPEN ACCESS mode between the hosting institution and the user basically upon the information provided in the application form.

7. Use of RI

General conditions of use of CATPRO as well as final budget and time allocation will be attached to the cooperation agreement between both parties, i.e. the home organization of the applicant and the hosting institution, after the application would be evaluated for awarding the open access.

8. Contacts

For further information about the call please contact us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .For technical details regarding the use of particular infrastructure please contact the following responsible persons:

Kristýna Benešová
Project Management Manager

linkedin For a discussion of administrative and technical issues concerning the project CATPRO, you can also use the discussion group on LinkedIn.

9. Documents

icon-document32 CATPRO Application Form